For Weekend Gatherers

June 9-11, 2017

84 South Main St.

East Windsor, CT

Battle of Fury is the first battle based event in the North East.  We pride ourselves on having a warm, friendly atmosphere for gatherers as well as putting on a fantastic Night Show for local Spectators.  

THIS YEAR = Maximum floor time + Quick, Fun, and EPIC Night Show


Airport: Bradley International Airport (BDL) 15mins

Logan International Airport (BOS) 1hr 40mins

T.F. Green Airport (PVD) 1hr 40mins

JFK or LaGuardia (NYC) 2hr


Hotel Options:


This is our 5th annual event and it will be our best!






















  • 3 Day Pass | 2 Night Stay

  • Access to Saturday's Workshops


  • 3 Day Pass | 2 Night Stay

  • 1 Meal Voucher

  • Access to Saturday's Workshops

  • Event Tee



Special Guests:


Kyle Skelly

Sean Sevestre

Alex Omid

Sam Kojo

Alexander Andersen

Here is what 2016 looked like

Weekend Itinerary 


6pm | Welcome to Phoenix

6:30pm | Youth Divisions 

7pm |  Beginner Division Preliminaries begin on the pit floor
7pm | Warm up for Prelims, Judges Must be in attendance
7:30pm |  Preliminary Battles BEGIN (This is for 1 on 1 Battles only, Team battles are all on Saturday) 
*Top 8 will go on to the Nightshow on Saturday. 
1st & 2nd place get cash prizes
8 - 10pm Tricking and Battling continues
10pm |  Pasta Dinner for all who Pre-Registered
11:30pm |Session continues.  

Shuttles will be carting people back to the houses. (Those who are pre-regsitered have a place to stay at the Carney Stations) 18 and Under will be stationed at a different house than the 18+ folks.

1:30am Lights out!  Get some rest people, tomorrow is a long day!

1pm | Seminars and Workshops Begin, Open session is available during this time
5pm | Everyone, get out of the gym and find something to eat! TDX and Staff will be setting up for the night show.
6:30pm | Doors Open for the Night show SPECTACULAR
7pm | Let the Battles Begin!!
9pm | End of show, and the giant session begins!


1v1 Battles run for 3 passes each.  Final battle is 5 passes. (Friday+Saturday)

*Anyone battling in 1v1 must enter the preliminary battles on Friday Night @ 7pm*  Top 8 will battle in Saturday's Nightshow @ 7pm!

Winner gets flown to Hooked Gathering 2017

Team Battles run for 2 minutes each.  Final Battle 4 minutes.  (Saturday Only)

Winning Team receives $100 Prize + Swag Pack

Judges will be looking for:

  • Syncronized tricks/combos...performance!- Rapid exchanges among team members

  • Fun Antics!  The audience likes seeing people have fun, not being put down. If the audience likes you, the more they cheer and the more hype you get and so on...


  • Each team gets 1 turn at a time (This means that the team, as a unit, has a turn to do their thing) No cutting people off! We don't want anybody getting a backside 10 to the head.

  • 3 turns will be allotted for each team.  At the end of the 6 total turns, 30 seconds will be allowed for a chaotic last stand!  Again, don't get kicked in the head! 

  • Judges will score at the end of the battle

Attention! The winning team will not be who has the best individual athletes per say (if they don't work together), but who has the best TEAM. Get Creative!

Our goal with the night show is to showcase the tricking athletes in attendance while encouraging more of our local community to join tricking. 

Hugs, Goodbyes and Post Gathering Depression or Elation...Depending on how you roll