Flipathon Flyer2019.jpg

2019 Flipathon for Pancreatic Cancer

Saturday November 16th

3pm - 7pm


Goal: Raise money for charity and get good at flips!



All flips and moves must be done on the floor. Trampoline may be used for double flips only. All flippers must have a coach counting and keeping track of how many of WHAT flip they are doing.  



Kids: Choose 5 skills that you want to max out on.  Train! On both sides if applicable.  When you are doing a high amount of repetitions, you want to be able to switch sides when you get tired or dizzy.


Family: Help us gain sponsors! Friends, family, neighbors can all get involved.  Show them this document, let them choose out of the 5 skills that the student has chosen, which of those the would like to sponsor.  Then invite them to come watch the spectacle of everyone maxing out their flips. For every repetition that they complete on the day of the Flipathon, the sponsor would make out a check to the Hirschberg Foundation for the amount of the sponsorship rate multiplied by amount of repetitions per trick. 


Specials Guest: Jaime Colon will be teaching a masterclass for everyone involved to kick off the event.  Mr. Colon has been tricking for 18 years now, and is a true master of the art.  This man has insights that people of all ages can benefit from.  This master class will kick off the day, running 3-4pm.  


Sponsorship Rates:

Double Back Flip: $.50

Double Front Flip: $.50

Cork: $.30

Back Flip: $.30

Front Flip: $.30

Side Flips: $.30

Aerial: $.30

Butterfly Twist: $.30

Back Handspring: $.20

Front Handspring: $.20

Back Bend Kickover: $.20

Cartwheel: $.10

Back Bend: $.10

Limber: $.10

Tornado Kick: $.10

Forward Roll: $.05

Backward Roll: $.05