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Breakdance Class

Bboy Lokito

Bboy Lokito is teaming up with Trick Dynamix!

James Curtis aka Lokito has been breaking for 10+ years, and has traveled to and won events worldwide (USA, Canada, Europe)!  He has trained with  some of the best in the world and now he wants to bring his knowledge and experience back to CT and continue training with an Olympic mindset (how cool will it be to see breaking now in the Olympics?)!


Our first offering will be a 4 week block offered on Sundays in January, and will cover the 4 elements of Breakdance




•Power moves

Lokito’s goals align with the core values of Trick Dynamix and are designed to help students develop multiple strengths which can also be applied outside of dance. Most notably they include:

•Discipline -learning to never give up

•Social skills - communication

•Fitness - staying in shape with good energy

•Creativity - expressing themselves in safe environment

And last but not least - just having fun!

4 Week Block

January 3rd - 24th





13 and Under 

6:15p -7:15pm

All participants must fill out the waivers below.  Only participants are allowed in the building due to CT Phase 2 Covid restrictions.

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