Happy New Year!!

After having a GREAT Xmas with our friends at the U.K. Tricker House, we got a chance to spend some quality time in London! The gym was warm, tricks were fun, and again we have made some new friends! Seeing the city of London was incredible! Check @jctrixter and @mbasch12 on Instagram to see all the media!

On December 30th, we woke up in a Crossfit gym in London, which heated up to a max of 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  

After spending all day in the city, followed by a nice gym session, we hit the road to Dover, took a midnight ferry to Calais, France...then drove our tour vans back to the rental spots, and finally caught some sleep around 8am at City Beast(tricking gym) in Paris. After a quick nap, half of our crew went into the city to see the sights, while a few stayed back at the gym to rest/trick. Once everyone reunited, we had a huge New Years party in the gym!!  Sidenote: there were so many American Trickers on tour, that every party and session felt like home 🏡 

New Year's Day started around 3pm, and we just had dinner and did our own thing. We had thought that the Ohio boys (NEO/SGTF) had all flown safely back the the US, BUT of course there were travel complications and 5 of 8 did not make it out of France. What to do...

Jan 2nd: 

We had a banger session and then went to a bar next to the Moulin Rouge!! This bonus day with our homies was the best goodbye ever. Over the past 3 weeks we have grown close to each other and we can not WAIT to meet up with them at the next gathering. After leaving the bar at 3am, we had to rush back to the gym to gather our belongings, then promptly leave to the airport to catch our 6:30am flight to Barcelona. On this final leg of the trip it is only Melissa, Justin, Tricia, Neil, Gaby and Scarlet. With very little sleep we slowly formed plans to check into a hostel and catch up. Tomorrow: we shall see the city of Barcelona!

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