5 Days of Intensive Tricking Starts Monday 6/9/18

Happy 4th of July!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! Just two reminders for you:

1. Open Gym this Friday 7-9p | $10

2. Intensive Summer Tricking begins this coming Monday!! 9am - 3pm.

Summer Tricking Tips

  • Be aware of your summer terrain.

  • Holes in the grass

  • Rocks and Sticks in the grass

  • Sprinklers in the grass

  • Bees in the grass

  • Fire in the grass

  • Slippery grass

  • Shallow water

  • Edges of pools

  • Beware of the Summer Time Gainz.

  • Many athletes find amazing progress in skills to only get injured from overuse. You must still RECOVER.

  • Warm Up STILL!

  • Though your warm up may be shorter due to heat, still prep your body for the worst. Especially in Air Conditioned places.

  • Respect All.

  • During summer, we spend our time differently, with different people. Live with respect, with everyone, no matter what.

  • Have FUN!!

  • Remember that this heat will not be around for long, SO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF GRASS AND OUTDOORS! Take advantage of the positive effect of heat on muscles, and have a blast testing your body!!

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