Wreck Checks are THIS WEEK!!

Is everyone prepared to be tested on the curriculum that was covered this month??

Wreck Check stands for Requirement Check (Req Check)

The focus of this month was all on Kicks and Flexibility


To achieve the Ninja Star Award, a student must do every skill on their Req. Check sheet, to a level of mastery. This means the student is able to replicate the skill at least 3 times, with superb form and control. Have questions on what each move should look like? Email info@trickdynamix.com and we will surely inform you on how we want to see each skill!

What does it mean to be part of the Ninja Star Clan? We will have a big cork board on the wall in the lobby of the gym, where every Ninja Star winner will have their picture on the board, along with a star for every sheet of curriculum they have accomplished at the Ninja Star Level.

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