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Want to be head over heels in love with your backflip? 

Learn these 4 simple but effective exercises you’ll need to know to get you there.

Tricking trains people on more than how to move their body, it creates children who listen with intention, respect their surroundings, can act with autonomy, and harness the skills and abilities to succeed in EVERY arena of life!

  • Focus and discipline of a martial artists

  • Incredible strength of gymnasts

  • Iron will of top athletes

  • Flinch-less disposition towards fear!



We help people see obstacles as opportunities.

We are passionate about helping shift mindsets to focus on the possibilities. Tricking builds unshakeable confidence and supports big kids (AKA: adults) and little kids alike to achieve their dream pursuits.

Whether your a seasoned tricker or new to the sport, training with Trick DynamiX delivers: 

  • Coordination

  • Confidence

  • Balance

  • Courage

  • Amazing Community

  • Power

  • Flexibility

  • Strength

Curious what others have to say about training with us?... Keep going for the good stuff. 

© 2021 Trick DynamiX. 

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