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Melissa Basch

Co-Founder / Senior Coach

At age 2, Basch was enrolled in her first dance class, and it has been an important part of her life ever since.  After being introduced to tricking in 2011, it quickly became a passion as well. She is currently enrolled in a degree program in health and exercise science, and enjoys supplementing her training with yoga, partner acrobatics, and various other athletic arts.

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Justin Carney

Co-Founder / Senior Coach

Justin first began his journey in movement with Martial Arts in 1993, inspired by Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers. In 1998 he began competing in Martial Arts and incorporating flips and "tricks" into his routines.  Justin met Jaime Colon in 2002 and joined Team Furious Force (one of the first tricking teams including Jujimufu) the following year.  After years of growing up in this new emerging sport of tricking, Justin partnered with Melissa Basch to begin providing "trick class" for Hartford County in 2012. 

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Kevin Grassie

Lead Coach 

Kevin has his roots in American Isshinryu karate and has been training since 2002. After earning a black belt in 2010, he began independently teaching classes, running events, and helping to structure his school’s curriculum. In 2012, two disconnected events exposed him to Martial Arts Tricking: high school friends who did parkour at a local gymnastics gym, and Hyper videos shown to him by his Sensei. 

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Michelle Marinacci

Lead Coach

Michelle has an extensive background in movement over the last 15 years from sports to dance to fitness. She has been a dancing for 15 years beginning with jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and hip hop. Michelle has gone on to compete on dance teams in hip hop, jazz, and kickline. For the last 5 years, Michelle has been competing in ballroom dancing at a professional level in several styles including Cha-Cha, Rumba, Swing, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and Viennese Waltz. Michelle has also been a ballroom dance coach for 5 years teaching 40 different styles of ballroom dancing to children and adults. Michelle is enthusiastic about sharing her love for fitness and movement through coaching and exciting to be joining the Trick Dynamix team after tricking for the last 2 years.


Chris Matthews

Lead Coach

Coach Chris started training Martial Arts when he was six years old, and started competing in competition forms when he was ten years old. He noticed his competitors at tournaments incorporating Martial Arts Tricking into their open forms and that sparked his interest for wanting to learn for himself. Ever since learning his first trick (the butterfly kick) he has fell in love with the sport and this marks his 10th year as a Martial Arts Tricker. Coach Chris has been working with children for the last seven years across Connecticut and has a passion for helping everyone reach their goals whether it be in Martial Arts Tricking, or Fitness as a whole. He discovered Trick Dynamix back in 2014, and has been a Coach since June 2021. He is eager to work with you and help you accomplish your Tricking Goals.

RhysHeads  (2).jpg

Rhys Moore

Lead Coach 

In his early teenage years living in the UK, Rhys really struggled to find a sport to stick with. Bouncing around from football (soccer to US) to Ju-jJtsu to rugby and more. But never really sticking with anything for more than 6 or so months and went through a period of being quite inactive and somewhat unfulfilled. That is until around 15 years old, he started practicing parkour and freerunning, then discovering this unique, underground, and underrated sport of Martial-Arts Tricking. It was everything he loved about movement.

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Noah Heads (1).jpg

Noah Pichay

Lead Coach

Noah has been into movement since a young age.  He, like his brother Diego, were both raised learning martial arts and break dancing from their father.  Noah performs for the CT dance group, Kursive, combining elements from both his martial arts and tricking training to add more dynamism to the group.  

TrishTDXHeads (2).jpg

Tricia Carney

Lead Coach / Art Director

Tricia came from the world of playing various sports every season, from childhood to well past her college years. Her acrobatic journey started with kung fu in 2005, where she met friends that started dabbling in the sport of Martial Arts Tricking. After a childhood full of Power Rangers, Xena Warrior Princess, Batman and other various superhero shows, it was the perfect mix of everything she had always wished she could do.

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Jaime Colon

Lead Coach / Video Department

Jaime Colon started his journey of movememnt back in 1988 with martial arts. He was trained by his father and they both competed on the NASKA circuit throughout the 1990's up until Jaime fell in love with Tricking.  He joined team Furious Force in 2001, and soon linked up with Justin and invited him to the team also.  Jaime soon became captain of this team and was the sole community leader of New England tricking between 2006 and 2011.  

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Phil Simonson

Junior Coach

Phil was first introduced to tricking through taking martial arts at American Karate, where Justin Carney was his instructor.  Phil stopped karate, but continued his training on trampoline and flipping off of various heights into water.  When he came into the gym at age 12, he had a new found passion to excel in tricking.  He was asked to come on as a Junior Coach because of his rapport that he has with everyone in the gym.  

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Junior Ortiz

Lead Coach

Junior has a background in martial arts, and found tricking from watching top competitors on the NASKA circuit like Sammy Vasquez and Danny Graham.  After years of tricking between 2006 and 2012, he shifted focus to becoming a monster power lifter, a fireman, a husband and a father.  In 2018, we came to Battle of Fury to watch the night show and was reinspired to start tricking again.

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