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  • How do I start Tricking?
    First, everyone starts with an Intro Class From that first lesson, the student will find out what level/class they fit best in. Next, visit our Customer Portal, to create an account, add students, add enrollments and pay for classes. Finally, students show up for their class times, enter the phone number on file into the free standing iPad kiosk, check in on the iPad, enter the gym, leave their shoes and water bottle in a cubby, and sit on the edge of the floor before class starts. Progressing fast in tricking requires multiple training sessions per week and we now offer classes Sunday-Friday, with special events happening on Saturdays! We recommend at least 2 days of training in the gym per week. We currently have 4 Open Gym sessions per week for students with an autonomous training spirit (must be Tricking Level 2 or above).
  • Where exactly is Trick Dynamix?
    50 Harrison St. Manchester Ct 06040 Our main entrance is located in the alley way just around the building from the parking lots. See image below: See Map
  • How do the Tricking Levels work?
    Trick Dynamix is the first in the world to create a comprehensive curriculum that has been curated and tested over the last 10 years, and progressively teaches the most wild skills in the safest way. Each level has a collection of skills that are required to succeed in the more advanced skills that lie ahead in the subsequent tricking levels. To be promoted to the next level, a student will be approached for a semi private test session, when the student shows that they are ready. Testing sessions cost $30, which cover the coach's time and the new Tshirt that accompanies the next level. Testing sessions can be booked at The tests include physical standards, skill competition, conceptual understanding and tricking history. We are adamant that students pass the test with at least an 80%, to ensure safety and a sustained engagement in our program.
  • What do I wear to class?
    Students should wear their designated class Tshirt and either sweat pants or shorts. Bare feet or grip socks are recommended. If a student has not received their class Tshirt, they are welcome to wear a shirt that is comparable in color to their level or another TDX shirt.
  • How long does it take to land a backflip?
    The amount of time to land a backflip largely depends on how often someone practices, the equipment around them, and their prior experience in acrobatics. The fastest we have ever seen a backflip landed, was by an eager young adult with no prior acrobatic experience, which took less than 4 straight hours.
  • What if I miss a class?
    If you know you will miss a class, you can schedule a future absence, which will create a Makeup Token to be used with in one month of the absence. This is all done in the iClassPro Customer Portal. You can then apply this token to a day, with the same level class, that works with your schedule.
  • Is this the same as gymnastics?
    Tricking can be described as a blend of movement, comprising of gymnastics, martial arts, breakdancing, and parkour. It is a sport and an artform. Though we do many gymnastic skills, our culture is focused more on individual growth and expression rather than pushing skills solely for the sake of competition. Competition in Tricking does exist in various forms, which are currently being refined and legitimized. Tricking is here for those who want to learn how to flip, and express themselves through movement.
  • I have flip experience, do I have to start in Tricking 1?
    We recommend that everyone get a strong foundation before advancing into higher levels of tricking. With that said, if a student has extensive gymnastics experience for example, we would recommend that the student take at least one Tricking 1 (T1) class, accompanied by a T2 or T3 class. There are multiple configurations of this arrangement that have shown to have huge benefits and fast progression for the student.
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