When athletes see first hand,

how their former fears can be conquered by learning new skills, they are better equipped to handle common anxiety in other facets of life.


In-person group classes are drop off and pick up only due to COVID capacity restrictions.

Ages 5+
45 minute class
Mon 12pm
Wed 6pm
Friday 5pm

Must be able to hold motionless eye contact for 10 seconds

  • Basic gymnastic, parkour and martial art movements
  • Build fine motor coordination and physical prowess 
  • Nurture the self discipline it takes to excel in sports or any other activity
Ages 7+
45 minute class
Wed 7pm
Fri 6pm

Pass Tricking 1 Req Checks

  • Students begin to take flight and work towards the core flips and aerial kicks

  • Evolve and combine skills from Tricking 1

  • Build specialized strength, flexibility, coordination and air awareness

  • Skills focused on: Back and Front Handspring, Aerial, Tornado Kick

Ages 8+
45 minute class
Wed + Fri 7pm

Pass Tricking 2 Req Checks

  • Start combining 3 and 4 movements in a single jump

  • Begin taking a deeper understanding of motion that is applicable in all activites

  • This is the class you begin landing moves like Back Flip, Front Flip, B-Twist and 540 kick!

Ages 15+
60 minute class
Sundays 6pm

Have availability on Sundays at 6pm

  • Class is for all skill levels

  • Follows the same curriculum as the classes above

  • Includes Open Gym after class

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