When athletes see first hand how their former fears can be conquered by learning new skills, they are better equipped to handle common anxiety in other facets of life.

This builds confidence in trickers.

Ages 5+
Virtual and In-Person

Must be able to hold motionless eye contact for 10 seconds

  • Basic gymnastic, parkour and martial art movements
  • Build fine motor coordination and physical prowess 
  • Nurture the self discipline it takes to excel in sports or any other activity
Ages 7+
Virtual and In-Person

Pass Tricking 1 Req Checks

  • Students begin to take flight and work towards the core flips and aerial kicks

  • Evolve and combine skills from Tricking 1

  • Build specialized strength, flexibility, coordination and air awareness

  • Skills focused on: Back and Front Handspring, Aerial, Tornado Kick

Ages 8+
Virtual and In-Person

Pass Tricking 2 Req Checks

  • Start combining 3 and 4 movements in a single jump

  • Begin taking a deeper understanding of motion that is applicable in all activites

  • This is the class you begin landing moves like Back Flip, Front Flip, B-Twist and 540 kick!

Ages 15+
At the gym

Perform perfect lunges

Ability to touch toes with straight legs

  • Class is for all skill levels

  • Follows the same curriculum as the classes above

  • Includes Open Gym after class