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Martial Arts Tricking | Stunning acrobatic fun including elements of gymnastics, martial arts, parkour, and dance.


Tricking is an athletic art form which draws movements from such disciplines as martial arts, gymnastics and dance.  Practitioners love tricking because of the freedom within and between movements.  Trickers are free to create their own styles and express themselves through movement.



Overcoming fear is a huge component of life, and doing flips and tricks can be absolutely scary. Luckily we have a trained staff, and loads of equipment that ensures safety while learning, so that you can build your confidence to conquer fears in your everyday life.



If possible, find a training partner!  We feel that trickers progress faster when they have someone to chase tricks with.  The feeling of gaining new skills with a friend is amazing.  We have found that it is much easier and more fun to face fears, when we have someone to share these moments with.  


Our goal

Aside from providing an amazing and safe atmosphere to learn new tricks, our aim is to help people develop and build their fear conquering muscle and gain confidence in their abilities.  With this confidence, challenges will be met with a yearning for growth, rather than with fear of failure. Nothing teaches this principle better than Tricking.

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