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Coach Rhys

During high school and university, tricking would become a pillar and an incredible asset. It teaches you how you learn, which is an invaluable skill when you apply it to other aspects of your life. It teaches you to be resilient and the importance of putting in the work. It also teaches you confidence, which can be hard to teach yourself as teenager.


In 2013, Rhys took part in a study abroad program, where he moved to Connecticut, USA to study at CCSU for a year. Looking for a place to train, he found the Trick Dynamix website and messaged Justin about coming to a session, not knowing that he would be meeting his new future tricking family. After going back to the UK to finish off his BSc Physics degree, in 2015 he came back to start his life in the US. Becoming more a part of the local tricking community, eventually becoming a tricking coach for TDX. Sharing the passion and lessons learned from Tricking with the next generation of trickers.

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