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TDX Showcase

We started doing a live showcase in 2018 and it was a hit.  Parents and extended families packed into the gym to experience what tricking was and to see what their young ones were learning.  We also found that the showcase acted as a motivating factor to practice and refine our student's tricks!

Since the pandemic, we have been unable to have parents in the gym, so we decided to do a virtual type showcase, where we professionally film TDX students and create highlight reels for each class.  

We are doing our next showcase starting May 12 and wrapping up May 28th with the final class of Spring.  

We ask that all students wear their T-shirts to every class in May, in the name of uniformity in our videos.  Students without TDX class shirts will not be included in the Showcase Video.  

This process of filming provides an experience that is similar to what it is like to be on a movie set.  We find that introducing stress to our young students, helps deal with the social anxiety that kids these days are dealing with!

Below you will see the videos we created back in December for our 2020 Winter Showcase.

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