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Kids got cabin fever?

Fighting off that pent up pandemic anxiety?! Tricking will help!

Enroll your kid in our Superhero Training Camp today to channel that energy and get yourself a break!

10 Reasons Why You And Your Kids Will LOVE Tricking!

1. A positive outlet for all that pent-up pandemic energy!

2. Give your home a rest from endless couch-jumping, door frame climbing, spider-manning around the house.

3. Prevent injuries from unsupervised attempts at untrained acrobatics.

4. Switch up their screen time with something tactile, fun and challenging both physically and psychologically.

5. Transform shyness and nerves into unshakeable confidence and incredible ambition.

6. Ignite passion, discipline, and motivation from the inside out.


7. A reason to get out of the house and MOVE!

8. Conquer fears, social anxiety, and elevate their problem-solving skills.

9. Get connected to an AMAZING community of kind, courageous, hilarious humans here to have fun and look fly doing it!


What is Tricking?!?

Tricking is a movement practice that mixes gymnastics, martial arts, parkour, and breakdance. Used by athletes to increase fluidity, joint stability, muscle control, and more. Enjoyed by children and adults alike because not only does it build strength, endurance, and some serious self-confidence. It's also SO MUCH FUN!


At Trick DynamiX, we break down the art of Tricking within our program to be readily digestible for all skill levels.


However, due to the nature of acrobatic movements, these skills can be scary to learn and even dangerous to attempt alone.


This is why at TDX, you and your kids will be under the supervision and care of our skilled team of seasoned coaches.

With our passionate pros there every step of the way both Big kids like us and Littles alike ninja kick fear to the wayside, developing incredible new skills, skyrocket their confidence, and tap into their Super Human Powers.

And the best part?

All those amazing physical transformations that we see on the floor translate to every other aspect of our students' lives.

No longer are our students held back by fear or challenges.

Instead of succumbing to life's hard knocks, they rise above, face uncertainty head-on, and see every obstacle as an opportunity to grow.


That's the Magic of Tricking!


Come trick with us and unleash your inner superhero!

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-- Coach Justin and Coach Basch

(Founders, Trick DynamiX)

 Book your INTRO session


In your first session with us, we will:

-- Introduce what is tricking

-- Identify where you’re skills are at to be sure you can get into the right fit class for your level

This will make sure that students do not get overwhelmed or bored and ensure the proper foundation is in place to prevent injury and maximize the fun!


Hear From Our Amazing Students

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