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Tricking is an athletic art form that combines martial arts, gymnastics, parkour, and dance.  Super hero moves!


We teach and hold open gym sessions .  

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In-Person and Virtual classes available!  Three skill levels for kids ages 5+. 

See our calendar.


Open Gym

Open gym is for anyone with initiative, to come and train with other people with drive. 

If you are interested in coming more than once a week, the Unlimited Open Gym package might be for you!

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Battle of Fury

You have got to see this!

Coming June 2021

about us

Our mission is to help everyone build their fear-conquering muscle with flips, twists, and kicks!

We are avid tricking enthusiasts that love sharing knowledge with the movement community.

Watching people become confident in their skills and bodies is our greatest aim.

With this power, no challenge in life will seem impossible.