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Tricking is an athletic art form that combines martial arts, gymnastics, parkour, and dance.  Super hero moves!


We offer group classes,  personal lessons, open gym sessions and

East Coast Tricking Gathering


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To register for class, you will need to create a new account in iClassPro (Link Below)

Classes start September 8th





See our skill specific workshops and 6 hour day camps!  These sessions are sure to bring gains for everyone.

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Battle of Fury

Our first Fury since the pandemic was amazing!  Athletes from all over the USA came to gather, train and BATTLE! 


October 15-17 

Battle of Fury | Autumn

About Us

Our mission is to help everyone build their fear-conquering muscle with flips, twists, and kicks! Otherwise known as super hero moves.

We are avid tricking enthusiasts that love sharing knowledge with the movement community.

Watching people become confident in their skills and bodies is our greatest pleasure.  Teaching methods and paradigms to keep trickers safe, is our highest standard.

With the confidence and power derived from tricking, there will be few challenges in life that will seem impossible.

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