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7 Day Handstand Challenge

  • 6Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Always wanted to be able to handstand, but have never gotten anywhere? This challenge is guaranteed to improve your handstand!! Day 0 - Set your parameters. This means find out what level you are at and choose what about your handstand do you want to improve. Do you want to hold a handstand all by yourself, while doing a split? There is your parameter. Never done a handstand before? Maybe doing a handstand against a wall, increasing your time each day, is all the challenge you need! Now here is the program: Day 1 - Get your best time out of 5 attempts. Day 2 - Beat yesterdays time. Day 3 - Beat yesterdays time. Day 4 - Beat yesterdays time. Day 5 - Beat yesterdays time. Day 6 - Beat yesterdays time. Now you have a better handstand!

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