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These are some of our favorite sites that help us with tricking, exercise, and nutrition.  Some or all have the answers to anything pertaining to Tricking.  Please visit and support our friends  helping spreading Tricking knowledge and safety!

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Adaptive Movement Parkour and Martial Arts is Connecticut's first parkour and free running gym. Located in New Britain, CT, part of Hartford County.
NeoMotion Academy is the first  and only Tricking Gym in Ohio.  Awesome staff and their summer gathering is the largest in the USA!

Founded in 1999 by Isiah Flores in the Bay Area, Team Loopkicks began as a martial arts demonstration team who had just discovered the art and sport of tricking. Team Loopkicks has helped grow the tricking community for almost 15 years not just in the local area, but worldwide.

Jujimufu has captured an audience both interested in Tricking, and bodybuilding/health/nutrition.  Whether you are looking to increase your peak performance or train tricks in a sustainable way, this site has gold within it's articles.  PG-13



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