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Is your kid bouncing off the walls, leaping off the couch, and spidermanning all over the house?! You’re not the only one!

Kids got cabin fever?

Got pandemic anxiety!? 
Tricking will help!

Enroll your kid in our Superhero Training Camp today to channel that energy and get yourself a break!

10 Reasons You And Your Kids Will LOVE Tricking!

1. A positive outlet for all that pent-up pandemic energy!

2. Give your home a rest from endless couch-jumping, door frame climbing, spider-manning around the house.

3. Prevent injuries from unsupervised attempts at untrained acrobatics.

4. Switch up their screen time with something tactile, fun and challenging both physically and psychologically.

5. Transform shyness and nerves into unshakeable confidence and incredible ambition.

6. Ignite passion, discipline, and motivation from the inside out.


7. A reason to get out of the house and MOVE!

8. Conquer fears, social anxiety, and elevate their problem-solving skills.

9. Get connected to an AMAZING community of kind, courageous, hilarious humans here to have fun and look fly doing it!


What is Tricking?!?

Have you watched ANY of the Marvel or DC movies? If yes, then you have seen Tricking. 


Tricking is an art form that mixes the best of gymnastics, martial arts, parkour, and breakdance. When athletes gain fluidity of combining movements from each discipline, it is like watching a real-life superhero in action.

Like all of the amazing things humans can do, tricking can be broken down into 4 core movements:


At Trick DynamiX, we break down these movements even further in our program to be more readily digestible for all skill levels. Starting with Forward and Backward Rolls, Cartwheels, and Tornado Kicks. 

With these cores mastered, you too can learn to fly

Due to the nature of acrobatic movements, these skills can be scary to learn and even dangerous to attempt alone. At TDX, you and your kids will be under the supervision and care of our skilled team of seasoned coaches.


And the magic really starts when trickers confront the fear surrounding tricks by attempting and landing new skills.


It is then that their confidence builds. The confidence they now have in their body translates to other aspects of their lives where fear surrounds a challenge or obstacle. Instead of succumbing to the fear of a challenge, they see it as an opportunity to grow.


Therein lies *just part of* Tricking's magic


Tricking isn't only extremely fun to learn; it's even more fun to master. And many take this tricking knowledge to even greater heights. Who knows, maybe your kid could be the next Spiderman!

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Just imagine...

your child could gain the super-strength of a gymnast, the focus and discipline of a martial artist.


Imagine your little one growing up to be a seasoned athlete with an IRON WILL and a flinch-less disposition towards fear.


Imagine a household with a child who actively listens, respects their surroundings, and acts with compassion and confidence. With tricking, kids are prepped with the skills and abilities that allow them to feel powerful and successful in every area of their life.

See for yourself...


Tricking + A Fun, Supportive Community = Focused, Lionhearted, Skilled Super Humans.


Trick DynamiX students learn to move their bodies like the superheroes that we know they are.

So what’s the secret of Tricking? 


How does it SO amazingly transform people’s self-esteem?




It shows you that you can succeed in something you previously thought was impossible!


And for everyone - especially kids - that kind of confidence is invaluable!



A no-stress assessment.

Answer all your questions.

Book your no-obligation intro session with one of our trainers. See if tricking is THE thing your kid has been missing!

In your first session with us, we will:

-- Introduce what is tricking

-- Identify where you’re skills are at to be sure you can get into the right fit class for your level

This will make sure that students do not get overwhelmed or bored and ensure the proper foundation is in place to prevent injury and maximize the fun!


Already Done An Intro Class And Still Have Questions?

Let's answer those burning questions about our Superhero Training Program.


Learn the 4 fundamentals that all tricking skills are built on

Forward Roll

Backward Roll


Tornado Kick

These fundamentals teach you how to move in the 3 planes that build into flipping in multiple directions and generate rotational power with kick techniques.

What makes Tricking unique?

Where other single-discipline activities can tend to get boring (especially for growing kids,  hello: soccer, baseball, karate, dance, gymnastic, diving…)


Tricking offers endless enjoyment by incorporating multiple disciplines in every single class.


Tricking draws from the best of all worlds and grants the practitioner freedom to express themselves through movement.

There is something for everyone! (regardless of age or skill level, yes, we also teach adults. Feel free to inquire more if you're interested in joining yourself!!! 😉)

Plus tricking is SUPER impressive! So it is likely that your kids' tricks (or maybe yours) will impress family and friends! I mean who doesn’t love a good party trick!!

What makes our program different?

Though it's growing in popularity, Tricking is not widely offered at many locations.

Trick DynamiX is the ONLY tricking gym in all of Connecticut and 1 of the only 5 tricking gyms in the entire country!

Our coaches are experts in their craft and are certified 📣HYPE SQUAD📣 material. If your child could benefit from that external positive reinforcement to push past their limits, we have the right coaches! If you or your kid is someone who responds better to tough love… just let us know; we can do that too.

Our superhero training camp is unlike any other program you'll find!


By the end of our camp, we will teach your child: 

how to flip forward, backward, and sideways

how to kick like elite martial artists

how to combine movements with the fluidity of an Olympic breakdancer

how to interact with their environment like a parkour athlete

Our program meets them at their skill level and progresses them toward the skills that'll unlock their totally uninhibited self!

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